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A Unique Journey to Natural Majesty.
Discover the majesty and adventure that await you in the fascinating waters of the southern continent.

Discover these experiences that will immerse you in the nocturnal magic of each destination, going beyond simple stargazing.

With a Winter season that spans from June to late August, it is the perfect time to practice some winter sports during your summer. 

From the majesty of waterfalls to the vibrant energy of cities, South America offers a range of exciting destinations for all ages.

Featured Destinations

We are destination specialists in South America with insider knowledge of each country.


The land with an infinite variety of natural beauties. This country will constantly take your breath away.


The longest and thinnest country in the world here in South America.


Be amazed in this vast land, at the end of the planet. There is still a place on Planet Earth that remains untouched.


A once-in-a-lifetime journey will take you through the heart of the Inca Empire.


Home of lush jungles, mighty rivers and magnificent beaches.

Even more destinations

Descubre nuestras ideas de viaje para Chile, Uruguay, Brasil, Ecuador, Colombia y aún más!

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Descubre uestras ideas de viaje ordenadas por temáticas y estilos. Encuentra la inspiración para tu viaje inolvidable!

Unique Experiences:
Editor’s Choice on Trips South America

Experience unique journeys from the Andes to the vastness of the ocean with our exclusive recommendations.
ArgentinaEsteros del IberáOur Selection

Iberá Wetlands: Nature and Wildlife

04 Days Tour 📍 Argentina Nature | Short Stay | Adventure
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Away from it allChileDeluxe

Chile’s Lakes Deluxe

08 Days Tour 📍 Chile Exclusive | Cultural Immersion | Nature | Adventure
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IcaLimaOur Selection

Lima Foodie Experience & Glamping in the Ica Desert

05 Days Tour 📍 Peru Cultural Immersion | Glamping | Nature | Local Cuisine | Archaeology
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