We design unique experiences in South America

How we design the ideal travel experience for our passengers

As a bespoke travel agency specialized on trips in South America, we can help you create the right holidays you and your clients are looking for; either if traveling alone, with a couple, family or friends, we will customize each holiday in particular!

At Trips SouthAmerica we know the locations first hand.
Our professionals are authentic experts in South America who know how to tailor-made holidays in such a way that you or your clients can make the most of it.

What kind of holidays are you looking for?​

If you are looking for a special themed trip, we will create it from scratch, you just need to tell us what destinations must be included, the length of the stay and the travel companions joining the trip. Then, we are going to adapt it just to the travelers’ budget and include the especial add-ons and tours so as to enhance this trip and make it unique.

Explore the most fascinating and exotic corners of South America enjoying a unique trip, customized just for you.

How do we design our unique travel experiences?

Step 1: Listen, listen, listen.

We concentrate on listening to our clients.
We usually start by having a phone conversation so as to learn which are the destinations, the duration and experiences you have in mind for this holiday.
Moreover, in case you are looking for some adventure tours, we will also ask about the physical fitness of the travelers or if looking for foodie tours, we will check the specific meal requirements / restrictions and with all that, we will be ready to prepare something in particular for this trip.

Step 2: it’s time to analyze

After gathering all the information, our South America specialists will begin to design this trip. They will select the specific hotels and local experiences that adjust to the details that we have collected from our conversation or emails.
From the wettest rainforests to the driest desert in the world, passing through the largest metropolis in the south of the continent, everything will be carefully selected based on the passengers’ tastes and expectations.

Step 3: we present the travel plan

We will present our tailor-made trip and share the details with you via email and if you also like to, via a phone conversation. As always, we will listen to your concerns and answer the doubts you may have so as to re-adjust the trip inclusions, if necessary.

Step 4: it’s time to travel!

The time to enjoy has come. Our Customer Support and Operations team will ensure that everything goes as you or your client has dreamed.
We will provide our professional support at all times so as to make this trip a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.