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Marvel at this vast land in southern South America.
Ideal for the traveller looking for intense experiences.
A realm of limitless natural wonders awaits you in Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia. From towering icy peaks to vast deserts and lush rainforests, this region will leave you breathless.

High Season

Oct to Apr

Low Season

May to Sep

Patagonia Highlights

Grilled meats, rich wines, traditional delicacies, coastal festivals, the embrace of the Andes. We embody all this, and yet we’re so much more.

Vast Pampean plains, gallant gauchos, village fiestas, stories steeped in folklore.
Patagonia, distant and enigmatic, and the North, vibrant and sun-drenched. Forests, deserts, the highest peak in the Americas and the edge of the world; a multitude of personalities meet in these different landscapes and climates.
It offers a wide range of possibilities for relaxation, recreation and adventure, in an environment where nature is the main protagonist, this is a destination where you can meet everyone.

Travel Ideas

Planning a trip to Patagonia is super interesting due to the wide variety of activities you can do. 

Patagonia offers a wide range of travel experiences, from sailing between whales in Puerto Madryn to trekking in the cold mountains of the Andes or a road trip by the Carretera Austral, Patagonia awaits you with a travel style to suit you.

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Whales & Snow

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Travel Ideas by Duration

It doesn’t matter if you plan to visit the Atacama Desert for 2 days or for more than 15! It is a destination so rich in experiences that it adapts to you perfectly. Whether to get up at dawn to enjoy the spectacle starring the steam fumaroles from the craters of El Tatio as soon as the sun rises, or contemplate the strange rock formations and dunes of the Valle de la Luna, Valle de Marte and the Cordillera de la Salt.

Travel Tips

Our main travel tips to enjoy a complete experience in Patagonia.
Learn more about the best season to visit this destination, currency, electrical connections, means of transport and much more!

Patagonia includes territories of the extreme south of Chile and Argentina, with more than one million square kilometers in length (yes, you read correctly, with six zeros). To get an idea, twice the size of California.

It is well known that the delimitation of this region has been a sensitive issue for both countries historically. It is considered that 76% belong to Argentina and 24% to Chile. In Argentina, San Carlos de Bariloche is an icon of the region like Punta Arenas in Chile.

Best time to go.

Summer in this part of the southern hemisphere runs from the end of November to the beginning of March.
It is considered the best time to visit it.
The inconveniences? They are the months with higher prices, more tourists and also of strong winds.
Advantages? More accessible trails, milder temperatures and open camps.
Unlike the southern winter (the months of June to August), when many trails can remain closed due to weather conditions and it is advisable to travel with some precautions.

High Season

October to April

Best time for parties, high altitude sports
and excursions. Busy season.

Low Season

May to September

Ideal for visits without crowds. 

Health & Clothing


Dress tips

It’s best to dress in layers.
Hat & Sunscreen (factor 35 or higher).
Waterproof coat / jacket or rain poncho.
Comfortable pants.
Insect repellent & personal medications.


Altitude Sickness

It is not unusual in the Andes.
Take it easy when you land in Patagonia and try not to do anything too strenuous.
Check with your doctor before coming if in doubt.

Useful information


Change & Payment Methods

A valid Passport.
Most countries in America and Western Europe do not require a visa.
Insurance information.


Change & Payment Methods

Peso Argentino or Peso Chileno.
Major credit cards are widely accepted.


Limits and Restrictions

Argentinian and Chilean flights allow, as their restrictions are limited to 50 pounds (23 kg) per person.


Plug & Voltage

Chile: 220 V – 50 Hz.
Plugs Type C / L
Argentina: 220 V – 50 Hz.
Plugs Type  I

Design your tailor-made trip through South America

Our travel experts will help you plan the trip of your dreams

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