New Brazilian eVisa

The website to apply for a eVisa to travel to Brazil is now live.

The original start date for this regulation was 10 January, but it has been postponed until 10 April 2024.

The official decree affects passport holders from the United States, Canada and Australia will need to present a eVisa which must be applied for through this website: The application process is done completely online and for such, no facilitation is required by any intermediaries.


The passport holder must have a valid passport, fill out the form, upload the documents and pay a fee, and must comply with all the requirements, as below:

    • Intention to go to Brazil as a visitor or for business.
    • Stay in Brazil will not exceed 90 days.
    • Holders of an American, Canadian, or Australian passport.
    • Passport (signed, valid up to end of Brazil trip, 2 visa pages free).
    • Visa application form (completed online).
    • Upload a passport-style photo (2”x 2” square on a white background).
    • Confirmation of flight reservation (showing entrance into and exit from Brazil).
    • Bank statement showing transactions for the last 30 days and showing at least US$ 2,000.00 for travel.
    • For additional requirements for minors and business travel, please click here.
    • E-visa fee payment (US$ 80.90).
    • Payment can only be made using a Mastercard, Visa or UnionPay credit/debit card. The card doesn’t need to be under the passenger’s name.
    • The eVisa fee will be charged in US Dollars.
    • Each traveler must obtain an individual eVisa, including infants and children. The eVisa applications can be created for a single individual or a family (minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 people).
    • The fee is paid per person even when applying as a family.

Additional documents (Public Deed, Sponsorship Affidavit, Proof of Employment) can be provided to improve the evaluation process, but are not mandatory.

Additional documents can be required later on to grant the eVisa.

Although the application has a field to upload a vaccination card, Brazil DOES NOT require any proof of vaccination to enter the country.

Uploading the air ticket to the application is mandatory. Although it says “Round Trip Flight Itinerary”, uploading a ticket with an entry in Brazil and returning from another country is acceptable when visiting multiple South American countries. Just add your travel itinerary to “Additional Documents” at the end of the page.

The passport-style photo can be taken at home, with any camera, even a mobile phone. But it must be clear, with sufficient lighting, no glasses, over a white background.

IMPORTANT: This has caused some confusion. When filling out the first login information, the last field says “OTP”, which means One Time Password. By clicking on “Send OTP”, they will receive this OTP in their email, which must be entered here to sign in.


The average processing time for a eVisa application is typically 5 working days.

We strongly advise applying for the eVisa at least 45 days before the planned travel to Brazil. This timeframe provides sufficient leeway to complete and rectify the visa application if necessary.  

If the eVisa is denied, the passenger has to apply for the physical Visa through the proper Brazilian consulate of the passenger’s region (see below).

The eVisa application is completed directly on the VFS. The global website and the approved eVisa are delivered via email.


General information

The eVisa application is exclusively available for American, Canadian, and Australian citizens holding passports of those nationalities. For other nationalities, please check if your passenger needs a visa to enter Brazil: Entry Visas to Brazil (QGRV) – English Version

The information provided must match precisely the information on the passenger’s travel document. Otherwise, the eVisa will be invalid, and the passenger will need to reapply, paying a new fee. Once the eVisa is processed, the information provided cannot be changed.

The eVisa application has no connection with Brazilian Embassies or Consulates General. Passengers must contact the VFS global team with any questions or comments.

The validity of the eVisa will match the expiration date of the passport. For example, if the passport expires within less than two years, the eVisa will be issued with the same validity date as the passport. There is no minimum time for passport validity to request a eVisa.

The validity period of the eVisa is different than the duration of the stay. Passengers may enter Brazil at any time within the validity period of the eVisa issued.

The value of the eVisa fee for a child is the same as the value of the eVisa fee for an adult.

Passengers with a valid physical tourist/business visa on their passport do not need to apply for the eVisa.

The eVisa and the physical Visa have the same characteristics: both have the same validity and allow multiple entries..

The eVisa won’t be stamped on the passport. If the eVisa is lost, passengers can easily reprint it by accessing the online website or checking their email.

 We recommend taking the following precautions:

    1. Print two copies of the Visa and keep one with the passport and the other in the wallet.
    2. Take a screenshot of the Visa or save the pdf on the mobile device.
    3. Save the email containing the Visa attachment for reference.

IMPORTANT: American, Canadian, and Australian passengers staying in Argentina, when visiting Iguazu Falls, who want to visit the Brazilian side, will be required to have the eVisa, even for just a day trip.

Purpose of travel allowed

The eVisa is valid for entry into Brazil, to stay up to 90 days, for the purpose of travel below:

Tourism:Tourist visitors are foreigners who wish to carry out tourist activities of an informative or recreational nature, as well as visit family members.
Business:Business visitor is a foreign who will attend meetings, trade fairs and business events, prospect commercial opportunities, sign contracts, audit or consult. The exercise of paid activity in Brazil is forbidden.
Transit:Transit visitors are foreigners who, in order to reach the country of destination, must enter Brazilian national territory. It is not necessary to grant a visa to a foreigner on a continuous voyage who has to make stopovers or connections in Brazil, provided that i) he/she stays in the international transit area of the Brazilian port or airport without the need to pass Brazilian immigration control, and ii) is the holder of a single air ticket, even if issued by two or more airlines that have a cooperation agreement between them.
Seminars or Conferences:This type of visitor is a foreigner who wishes to come to Brazil to participate in conferences, seminars, congresses, or meetings characterized as specific events.

Arrival in Brazil

Upon arrival at the Brazilian airport, authorities will verify the eligibility to enter the country. To prevent any misunderstandings, passengers should have the following documents on hand:

  • Valid passport.
  • A printed version of the eVisa pdf received via email OR A screenshot of the eVisa or the eVisa saved on the mobile device OR The VFS Global email sent containing the eVisa pdf.

These documents are essential for a smooth entry process, and prompt action is recommended in case of any issues.

The eVisa pdf file is also available on the VFS. Global website in case guests need to reprint or download the document.

We strongly recommend applying for the eVisa if the passenger is arriving close to January 10th, as it takes a few days to get the eVisa; if they lose the flight or get rescheduled for a date after January 10th, they are already covered by the eVisa to enter Brazil


Official information from Diário Oficial Da União


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New Brazilian eVisa
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