Honeymoon in South America

Romantic destinations and unforgettable experiences

Looking for Honeymoon Destinations in South America?
Whether your idea of the perfect honeymoon is adventure, sightseeing, admiring nature or just relaxing on the beach, South America can offer you all that and more!

Discover the magic of a honeymoon in South America, where the natural beauty of Chile and Argentina, the tropical lushness of Brazil, the ancient history of Peru and the vibrant culture and white beaches of Colombia combine to create the perfect backdrop for love.

With our honeymoon packages, you can explore breathtaking landscapes, immerse yourself in local culture and create unforgettable memories in some of the continent’s most romantic destinations.

Why travel to South America for a honeymoon?

The answers are many.
This region includes some of the largest countries in the world, so there are so many contrasting landscapes and so many options to suit any honeymoon itinerary. The region is also home to some of the most beautiful and romantic hotels in the world.
In this section we have tried to keep things simple and these are the questions we ask our honeymooners to think about before they come to us:


Certain regions of South America have different seasons and becuase of that, you need to make sure you are in the right area at the right time. For example, Tierra del Fuego can be really tough Winter, if you are looking for outdoor activities such as hiking, but on the contrary, it is a superb destination if you are into skiing.

Generally speaking, as being mostly within the southern hemisphere, you can pretty much rely on the months of December, January and February – being with good weather throughout the area but it is also worth bearing in mind, that the winds and rainfall can affect where you are going.

What is the climate like?

October to March

Best time for excursions.
Busy season.
High temperatures during day.

Low Season

April to September

Ideal for visits without crowds. Snow falls are usual.


Another important factor in your South America honeymoon is who would like to do what. With so many activities on offer, we would suggest selecting a few interests rather than trying to cover everything… but be sure that there are a few places that will allow much without the need to move around.

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Tips for Family Travel

At Trips SouthAmerica, we understand the importance of creating lasting memories with your loved ones while exploring the continent’s most exciting destinations.

Here you will find valuable tips and recommendations to ensure your family trip is an unforgettable and fun-filled experience.


Cerro Castor Ski Resort | Ushuaia

Flexible planning: Maintain flexible planning to accommodate the needs and rhythms of all family members.
Research beforehand: Research family activities and attractions at each destination to ensure a fun and safe experience.
Appropriate clothing and equipment: Pack appropriate clothing and equipment for the weather and activities, including sunscreen, insect repellent and comfortable clothing.
Family Transport: Choose comfortable and safe transport options for the whole family, considering short distances and frequent stops.
Family accommodation: Choose family-friendly accommodations that offer amenities and activities for children, such as play areas, swimming pools and childcare services.
Involve children: Involve children in planning and decision making to create a sense of ownership and excitement about the trip.
Learn about local culture: Take the opportunity to teach your children about the local culture, history and traditions of each destination they visit.
Safety at all times: Make safety a priority at all times, from transportation to activities, and teach your children basic safety precautions.
Rest time: Plan time for rest and relaxation between activities to avoid fatigue and excessive stress.
Family fun: Most importantly, enjoy every moment as a family and create unforgettable memories together!

Ski Area

Cerro Castor has trails for all levels, divided into:

  • Beginners (30%): Senda Guanaco, Pájaro Carpintero, Cornoranes, Castores, Bandurias.
  • Intermediate (30%): Águila Morada, Los Ñires, Cauquenes, Caminito del Bosque, Avutarda.
  • Advanced skiers (25%): Chulengo, La Brecha, Las Lajas, Petrel, Alvatros, Gaviota Austral.
  • Experts (15%): Chimango, Zorro Colorado, Halcón Peregrino, El Cóndor.

The off-piste areas are excellent for those in search of untouched snow or extreme skiing and snowboarding.

The resort has a competition run authorized by the International Ski Federation and a timekeeping booth for the organization of both national and international championships.

Design your tailor-made trip through South America

Our travel experts will help you plan the trip of your dreams

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