3 Latin American destinations in the World’s top 10 best places to visit

3 Latin American destinations among the best 10 places of the world to travel according to Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet has just released its second “Best Travel Destinations” list. Something interesting to point out is that, in this edition, they have changed the way to grant the score that each destination and/or activity could receive giving them extra points to the ones that handled sustainable tourism policies.

Given the global situation that we live as a result of the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (Sars Cov-2) outbrake this has been, without a doubt, an intelligent and opportune way to evaluate, create and update an improved list that adapts to the new requirements for the tourism during this new reality.

Fortunately, among the 10 main destinations, 3 are in Latin America. These are: The Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) occupying the second place; Iguazú Falls (shared between Argentina and Brazil) in the seventh place and the
Uyuni Salt Flats (Bolivia) taking the ninth position.

All these countries are currently receiving international tourism and have different requirements.
The case of Brazil is the simplest since to enter his territory it is not necessary to make PCR test. The only condition is to prove that you have travel insurance and medical coverage, since foreigners would not be allowed to use the public health system. In order to enter Bolivia and Continental Ecuador the steps required are as follow: have a negative PCR test and not having symptoms of Covid-19, also, the test must have been made in a lapse nongreater to 7 days. If not complying with any of these conditions, a new PCR test will have to be done at the expense of the passenger and will have to stay in isolation until obtaining the result. If this one is negative, the passenger will be able to move freely within the country.

To enter Galapagos Islands would be a little more complicated. After arriving at Quito or Guayaquil, the passenger will have the obligation to make another PCR test, which will have to pay and, in addition, it must be done in a lapse nongreater to 4 days. Additionally, the passenger will have to remain in the continent at least for 2 days until receiving the result and, only once this one is negative, will be allowed to travel to the archipelago.


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3 Latin American destinations in the World’s top 10 best places to visit
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