Love in the Jungle: LGBT Weddings in Misiones, Argentina, in Dreamy Natural Settings

Discover the charm of getting married in the middle of nature: Misiones, the Argentine province of the jungle, invites you to live a unique experience with LGBT weddings in dreamy natural settings.

The Misiones Tourism Ministry has an innovative proposal that will charm travelers from all over the world: an opportunity to get married in exclusive natural settings. 

Misiones stands out as a beacon of progress, reflecting its dedication to preserving the environment, promoting gender equality, and embracing diversity in all aspects.
“We aim to create a future that celebrates cultural diversity and fosters an inclusive and respectful environment that enables everyone to thrive. This plan is a commitment to equality and love,” said Adrian Giudici, the Director of Institutional Relations at the Ministry of Tourism.

The Minister of Tourism, José María Arrúa, is pleased with the news, highlighting the development of tourism opportunities and the incorporation of rights. “A while back, we came up with this concept and now we’re thrilled to announce that any foreign couple who isn’t a resident can legally tie the knot in Misiones. They can register their union and celebrate it amidst nature’s beauty. It’s an unforgettable experience and a tourist attraction that we’re happy to offer,” he emphasizes.

The process is easy to help you plan your special day. Couples interested in our services just need to email and request an appointment. Once the appointment is scheduled, they can customize their celebration to their liking.

Couples have amazing options for their wedding ceremony in the lush jungle. They can choose from the majestic Iguazu Falls, the captivating Salto Encantado, and the magical Moconá Falls. Each location offers an unforgettable setting, whether on the balcony of the Devil’s Throat, a lookout point, the Dos Hermanas Plaza, or the Amphitheater. Couples can legally reaffirm their marriage at these stunning destinations.

The experience becomes an intimate link with nature, allowing visitors to stay in luxurious hotels, lodges offering adventure or relaxation, and even treetop cabins. The local gastronomy, which combines jungle tastes and Guarani customs, makes each event unique.

Getting married in Misiones becomes an attractive cultural tourism product, with a focus on rights and gender perspective, offering a unique setting for one of the most important moments in people’s lives. Discover love in Misiones, Argentina’s jungle!



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Love in the Jungle: LGBT Weddings in Misiones, Argentina, in Dreamy Natural Settings
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