5 travel tips to visit Argentina from our Experts

Thinking about visiting Argentina?
Wondering how to get the best out of your trip?

We want to share with you 5 friendly tips from our team of experts that will come handy when planning your journey to the southernmost country in the world.

veroOh my luggage! –  Tip by Verónica Bravo, Sales & Commercial Manager

Argentina is a vast land. As the eighth-largest country in the world, it comprises almost all kinds of landscapes and weathers, ranging from desert regions in the north to the coldness of the glaciers in the south. Let’s not forget the marshlands and tropical rainforests in the northeast region where the amazing Iguazu Falls lie, the impressive Andes Mount Range bordering the west limits and the silent pampa in the middle. Yes, my friend, we have it all. So our first tip will be to bring clothes that are suitable for all seasons and weathers. Hot, extremely cold, rainy, humid, you should expect to have that all when coming to Argentina. So, be careful while packing. We don’t want you to pay for extra luggage, but do keep in mind that you might need to have different outfits no matter the season if you are to visit different destinations within the country. You may want to optimize clothing by taking a weatherproof jacket for example, suitable for cold weather and rainy destinations as well. Trekking shoes can also provide a great deal of comfort in different places like the mountains, the desert or even the marshland.

Monejohay and Time, make them your allies – Tip by Johana Boglietti, Sales & Commercial Executive

Having Verónica´s tip in mind, you may have realized that Argentinean tourist spots are far away from each other. If you want to get the best of Argentina, you will need to consider the huge distances and thoughtfully plan your itinerary. Make sure you have a good amount of days under your belt to spend abroad. Just a week won’t be enough to get a grasp of the best of the country. You will need a minimum of ten days, at the very least. 20 days will be a decent time to experience the best and in no hurry. Time also translates into money. Distances will make your trip more expensive. So if you are looking for a low cost trip you will need to keep this reality in mind. We can always advise you on how to economize your trip without missing the best of Argentina.

True immersion – Tip by Leandro Zamprogno, Sales & Commercial Executiveleo

Besides being a land of contrasts Argentina boasts a unique culture and way of living that blends local tradition with European flavors. You can experience our true Latin American roots in the north region while getting the hectic and cool vibe of a metropolis in Buenos Aires. In the plain regions you can get immersed in the gaucho lifestyle while sharing a typical asado with friends in the open grassland. Get more exclusive and enjoy a private wine tasting in a high-class winery in Mendoza or experience how life goes by surrounded by nature in the Patagonia region. So here is my tip, wherever you go and whatever your itinerary is, save one or two days for yourself. Save that time to wonder around with no intention, sit on a typical café, chat with locals, visit some traditional craft shops and interact, try to merge in and truly feel what is like to be an Argentinean, you will get surprised of how much more fulfilling a trip can be when we travel for more than landscapes’ pictures.

My dear companion Tip by Paula Soria, Comercial and Marketing Directorpau

Choose your travel mate wisely! If you are not a solo traveler then we must warn you that your trip may turn to whack if you don’t get along with the person you are travelling with. If you have to choose a friend make sure you share similar expectations and are willing to get the same experiences abroad. Spend time discussing on budget, location, itineraries and habits. This might seem very obsessive, but trust me, it will be crucial once you are on destination. P/S: Even though you will be planning a shared trip, it will always be nice to have a day on your lonesome, especially at the end of your trip. We recommend going back to the place that you most liked but this time, alone! You will realize how different the experience can turn out.

Let it be – Tip by Florencia Munge, Sales & Commercial Executivemun

Last but not least, I’d like you to remember the following: No matter what the destination is, no matter the budget you count on. If you are not ready and open to discover new things, you may well not travel at all. In the end, it is all about attitude. If you are to travel, make sure you are really ready for it; life is awesome, just let it be.

If you want to receive more tips about travelling or need more information about Argentina, don’t hesitate to contact our experts. We are here to make your trip beautiful, easy and safe.

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5 travel tips to visit Argentina from our Experts
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